Hey everybody, and happy Halloween! I've got a few updates to mention.

First off, you'll notice that the theme has been changed. This is only temporary, as I am working on making sure the color for all pop-ups when earning a badge are the same color. It will go back to normal shortly after I receive Wiki Hero!.

Images have been added to pages that show the following:

  • The pop-up when a badge is earned
  • The hover text on the sidebar for when the badge is earned and unearned
  • The image of the badge on the sidebar

These images have been placed in a gallery on every applicable page.

I also changed the wiki's Favicon to the image of The Creator.

As always, I'm looking for ways to work on the wiki to improve it, so if anybody can think of anything to add here, leave it in the comments!

Blaze fire12 (talk) 19:28, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

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