Hey there! I found more stuff to update on!

For starters, quite a few of the Navigational templates had titles that were all one word. It looked sloppy, so they were changed to have spaces in them. It's the same templates, but they just have spaces in the name.

All badge pages have been updated. All of them now have a trivia section that states their official file name from the Wikia GitHub source. In addition, there is also a section on each called "Image", which links to all of the dimensions that the badge images appear in, which are 40x40, 56x56, 82x82, 90x90, and 128x128.

On the Bronze Badges, Silver Badges, Gold Badges, and Platinum Badges pages, two new images have been added to each. These are the background and border of the badge.

Finally, the Image pages themselves now have slightly more information. In the infoboxes, I forgot to add links to the subject of the page. This has been fixed. In addition, I linked to the Wikia GitHub source in these infoboxes so that there is citation for where the images were taken from.

As a result of the new forums, all pages in the mainspace now have a section called "Discussion about (page name)". It makes the page look sloppy. Does anybody know of any CSS or JS code that could remove this? If so, please tell me about this!

As always, I'm looking for ways to work on the wiki to improve it, so if anybody can think of any way to work here, leave it in the comments!

Blaze fire12 (talk) 03:02, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

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